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relocation coaching

Your 5-week head start for a new life abroad.
Making relocating simple, efficient and fun for everyone.  

The 'Design your new life abroad' coaching package gives you the tools, knowledge and confidence to holistically prepare for this important step in your life. In only 5 weeks I'll take you step by step and hand in hand into your power and I support you in drafting your authentic new life in a new place - on your own, together with your partner or with your family.

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5 weeks... to redesign your life.

You are ready to move abroad. You have been playing with this idea forever. But just the thought of relocating to a new place overwhelms and freezes you.
I have no idea how to get started and feel blocked!
What are the things I need to consider first?
What will my family and friends say?
What happens if I get this totally wrong?
How can I get my partner / family on board?

Put aside these doubts and be guided by someone who has been there many times, who’s had the same questions and worries and has fought against the same saboteur voices to stand in their full power and take their life to the next level.

Relocating is no longer what it used to be. No need to say goodbye for good or break off all ties. You don’t want to just limit yourself to other expats from back home and isolate yourself from the life and culture around you. This shouldn't be a sacrifice to step up in your career ladder. This should be fun!

Are you ready to put aside the classic immigrant or expat mindset and start using this opportunity to create a new, happier and more authentic life for you and your family? An opportunity to flourish and to grow together while embracing a new way of life?

yes, yes, yes

'Design your new life abroad' is perfect for you if...

… you have been dreaming about moving abroad forever

… you crave a change in your life but are too scared to take next steps

… a job opportunity abroad may be the sign you have been waiting for 

… you are unsure this is the right moment for your partner or family

… you need a plan to know what is expecting you

… you are ready to push beyond your comfort zone and are up for growth

… had enough of excuses and finally want to get started 

… you don’t want to live a classic expat life but wish to create an authentic life in a new place - in line with your values and passions

… you want to learn how to convert overwhelming and stressful preparation tasks into fun activities for everyone involved

… you need someone to guide you and your group on this exciting new start through an adaptive mindset

… you need someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself to take that first step and to think it all through out loud.

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This programme helps you to...

- design your new chapter in life
- uncover and unlock your true potential and maximise it
- create a mindset plan
- go deeper and prepare yourself for a transformational experience through the right questions, tools and exercises
- listen to yourself and dream big
- finally put your dreams into reality

It supports you to...

- break the 'overwhelming' into small chunks of 'achievable' through a proven step-by-step guide
- get clear and aligned on how you want to experience this new chapter in a new country
- find the courage to take your life into your own hands
- find gratification and achievement for being in full control of the entire journey

What happens in our coaching sessions?

In our 60 min online sessions you are guided through the overwhelming part of designing and preparing for your relocation through a holistic approach. Together we'll take a step back, learn from past experiences and identify what really matters to you. You are challenged beyond your comfort zone while gaining confidence, you are guided in visualising your new life and you are supported in making it a reality. With the help of W questions and a step-by-step guide - which I put together over the 25 years of exploring the globe through numerous relocations - we'll then work on both practical and mindset aspects to plan your upcoming journey with a focus on maximising your experience.

Unlike a relocation agent I don't research or sort the logistics for my international clients but guide you on a holistic level with focus on your wellbeing. I give you the tools, structure, knowledge, confidence, support and guidance to design your very own journey aligned with your individual interests and needs in this very moment of your life.

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What my clients say

“The relocation coach you didn't know you needed”

- K, USA

“Me and Doris had some amazing conversations. Doris is a really warm person and a fantastic coach, supporting me during my hard times. My upcoming relocation was giving me sleepless nights, but Doris helped me to break down and overcome my fears. We worked out a timeline and milestones and now I am excited to create my new life in Switzerland.”

- 世圻, China

“Admittedly we were sceptic and unsure Doris would be able to help. Yet, with her friendly and down-to-earth attitude Doris got us to dig deep to explore the reasons behind our desire to move. With each session we gained more self-confidence and slowly realised that this was becoming real. Thanks to her large experience Doris guided us to get clear on our goal and the milestones to get there. She patiently helped uncovering our strengths and exploring alternative options that would work for our specific needs as a family with two small children.
Before meeting Doris moving abroad was just a dream we didn't really think would ever happen. Now we have the right mindset and the tools to make it happen and are excited to start our new life soon!

Thanks a lot DD (we loved our sessions with her so much that we even gave her a nickname ;-)”

- Eli & Olivier, Canada

“Doris helped me discover what kind of experience I want and why this is important not only for me but also for my partner. She shared great practical tips and stayed with me during the mental processes behind our big relocation, choosing our destination, understanding my needs and compromising with my companion's wishes and needs. She's friendly, calm, flexible and a true world citizen. I highly recommend speaking with her!”

- Louise, Netherlands

“Thank you, Doris, for these coaching sessions with me and my partner in preparation for our upcoming move abroad. Learning how to manage our expectations as a couple and exploring our compatibility and our WHY for this relocation was exactly what we needed. Moving to a new country as a couple comes with challenges and it was super helpful for us to get fully aligned before setting off on this exciting adventure. Danke!”

- Barbara, South Tyrol

"Doris was fantastic! We connected right away, she asked all the right questions to get me thinking deeper and provided me with a wealth of resources for my upcoming relocation. What started off as a dream 5 weeks ago is now shaping into reality. I don't think I would've ever had the courage to embark on this new, promising chapter in my life without Doris.”

- Ashley, USA

“These sessions were an investment. They have dramatically changed the way we approach our upcoming move abroad - from preparation to mindset work. Doris also skilfully helped me to work through limiting beliefs I had about going to certain destinations.”

- Emma, New Zealand

"The work with Doris really enabled me to look at my values and purpose as I map out long-term travel for the next few years, entering the world of digital nomading. I’m struck by the greater sense of meaning I have gained from this work.”

- Kimberley, USA

“Inspiring, fun & knowledgeable! Doris has so much experience relocating and travelling the world, am totally jealous! Her coaching and guidance will remove any fears you might have of going on your first or next adventure, even during these difficult times... I’m so ready!”

- Betina, Denmark