5 continents. 88 countries. 48 with kids. and 9 relocations.

my journey

early travels - Europe

I left my beautiful home in the Italian Alps in my teens to start exploring what's beyond. Just like training for a marathon I started low and slow, exploring locally first, acquiring travel experience in my own region and country before taking on neighbouring countries within Europe. During my student years I did almost any job in the tourism industry in my stunning home region of South Tyrol and nearby Lake Garda, in the colourful hills of Southern France, on the beautiful island of Mallorca and in cosmopolitan London.

going intercontinental (and remote)

Then, armed with a couple of degrees I ventured out to the most exotic places including a one-year trip across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia and another one-year trip across the entire American continent from Tierra del Fuego in Southern Argentina all the way to Alaska. All this while pioneering as a digital nomad in the translation industry (anyone remembering those pre-wifi times when we used to upload our work in internet cafes?).

my relocations

After these intense travels I decided to settle in London and focus on my career in talent management while experiencing city life and the beautiful English countryside. What followed was a relocation to Malaga in Southern Spain to learn more about my husband's birth place. After several splendid years on the Mediterranean we went for the perfect contrast and moved to authentic Belfast on the majestic green island. After two year of lush green fields and golden, misty beaches we were ready for Central Europe again, ideally snowy mountain slopes and crystal clear lakes, so the international vibes in Zurich were next. Three years later we are now experiencing live in a tiny village in the Italian-speaking Canton of Ticino.

travel with kids

After becoming a mum I almost fell for the tale that play time is over once you have children and that responsibility comes in the form of a settled life with one package holiday per year. But soon we became restless again and started travelling with our young children, kicking off with national trips and travels through Europe to build experience travelling as a young family to eventually exploring off-the-beaten-track in Asia, Africa and the Americas with them.

On our 9 international relocations and 300+ trips worldwide @cadario_travel to over 80 countries we experience the most diverse adventures and each journey teaches us how to better prepare and plan to create a maximised experience.

my mission

I am a firm believer that everything is possible and achievable if you set your mind to it. My mission as a relocation and travel coach is to share my experience, the tools and the methodology that we put together over the years to guide and challenge others and train their skills in small steps to prepare for even the biggest of goals.

Your journey of a lifetime is only a few easy and fun steps away.

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