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What is a travel coach?  

Just like a fitness or business coach my job as a travel coach is to help you to get clear on what your strengths and challenges are, to work on options on how to tackle these challenges and, finally, to spark action.

So what is this about?

This isn't about me planning your travels or booking your flights and accommodation.

This is about guiding you to identify your goals, strengths and passions, and to understand, embrace and overcome your limiting beliefs, your fears and drawbacks.

It's about helping you plan your journey, about uncovering and unlocking your true potential and maximising it. This is about creating an action plan. About preparing yourself for a transformational trip of a lifetime through the right questions, tools and exercises. It’s about listening to yourself and dreaming big. This is about finally putting your dreams into reality.

It's about breaking the 'overwhelming' into small chunks of 'achievable' through a proven step-by-step guide. And it’s about the gratification and achievement of doing it by yourself with full control of the entire journey. This is about having the courage to take your quality time with your partner, family or friends into your own hands and getting clear and aligned on what you want to experience together.

Most importantly, it’s about remembering that you’re a smart cookie. That you can learn and implement anything if you make it a priority.
The fun way.

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Who is travel coaching for?

- solo travellers, couples, groups of friends, families with children or teens
- new starters committed to be taken from zero to the trip of a lifetime
- experienced travellers wanting to take traveling to the next level
- the bold and authentic wanting to take their travels into their own hands
- couples ready to explore together again as their kids leave the nest

What happens in our coaching sessions?

In my 60 min online sessions you are guided through the overwhelming part of designing and preparing for your travels through a holistic approach. Together we take a step back, learn from past experiences and identify what really matters to us. You are challenged beyond your comfort zone while gaining confidence, you are guided in visualising your dream journey and you are supported in making it a reality. With the help of W questions and a step-by-step guide - which I put together over the 25 years of exploring the globe through numerous relocations and travels - we then focus on both practical and mindset aspects to plan your upcoming journey with a focus on maximising your experience.

Unlike a travel agent I don’t research or book for my global clients but give you the tools, structure, knowledge, confidence, support and guidance to design your very own journey aligned with your individual interests and needs in this very moment of your life.

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What my clients say

“What can I say – we were blown away! Doris opened up a completely different "world" of travelling to us that we had been too scared to enter. Now it's actually not scary any more at all.”

- Eva, Switzerland

“Thoughtful and warm-hearted travel coach”

- Junghwa, South Korea

“Doris helped me to dream big and explore the true WHY of my journey. She is a good communicator and her vast travel experience helped me to bring structure into my travels. Connecting with her was super-easy and I enjoyed the sessions with her thoroughly. I’ll be back to make my journey bullet-proof.”

- Anja, Germany

“Thank you for such intense 1:1 sessions. I had no idea what to expect but just wanted to finally get started with planning our big family sabbatical. I cannot believe how much I learned in just a few hours and how much simpler and clearer everything feels now. Can’t wait to put it all into practice!”

- Verena, Italy

“Doris is amazing. She helped and inspired me so much. She exudes a vibrant aliveness that is infectious - I believe this is a result of all her travelling adventures. Doris has so much to share and offer, and she managed to personalise it to my situation. Shortly after our sessions I booked a trip with much more clarity and excitement than I had ever done before.”

- E., Australia

“Doris gave us a new perspective on travelling. Together we worked out exactly what we want to experience when travelling – and also what aspects we could happily live without (and hadn't even realized before). For our next planned trip we have already been able to make use of many of the new insights gained from these sessions.”

- Christian, Germany

“The best part for me was to be able to talk everything travels and to experience a different perspective of travel planning.”

- Jithin, India

“I love travel and find it difficult with children so I figured it couldn't hurt to try a coaching session with Doris. And I'm so glad I did. Doris is fun to talk to and a wealth of knowledge. She had some great ideas for diversifying accommodation, packing light, carving out adult time on travels, involving the children in travel planning, reducing melt down moments and giving them a bit of language exposure. Happy travels!”

- Ruth, Switzerland

“Great experience! I booked a private group session together with my friends to start planning our next trip and learn how to tackle it. Doris was the perfect host to mediate between us and to let everybody be heard.”

- Anna Pia, Italy

"Take your travels to the next level with Doris! Regardless of how you travel Doris helps you to make the most out of your travels from planning, accommodation, packing, activities and everything else. She has travelled the world and her sessions combine her collective travel experiences for the benefit of her clients. Highly recommended!”

- Nayan, USA

“Together with other three families we have long been planning a joint trip to Mexico. Finally, with the help of Doris, we managed to agree on the pillars of this trip, we put some structure into it, cleared some doubts around travelling with kids and have agreed on next steps while sharing tasks and responsibilities within our group. In only a few hours this dream trip is finally taking on shape. Muchas gracias, Doris!”

- Joseph, Spain

“The travel coach you didn't know you needed”

- K, USA

“I'm very comfortable in an urban environment but unfamiliar when in nature and, at times, I found myself intimidated and overwhelmed. During our travel coaching sessions Doris helped me identifying my needs and goals, and most importantly, the source of my fears and the skills needed for more confidence. She reminded me of the emotional drive for travelling while sharing insights from her abundant travel experiences both urban and outdoors. It is very empowering to see the whole journey from a perspective of building my own travel narrative. I really feel that Doris understands my challenge and I really appreciate the empathetic approach. I would definitely recommend Doris to anyone who's looking at their next chapter in travelling/adventures, solo or in a group.”

- Yingxin, UK